Price Protection

I found a cheaper price for the Beats® Headphones I just purchased.

Price Protection from Mastercard may provide reimbursement for the price differences found on items that were purchased with your eligible Mastercard.

How It Works

  • You must use your eligible Mastercard entirely and/or accumulated points from your covered card, to purchase the item for yourself or to give as a gift
  • If you see a printed or non-auction internet* advertisement for the same product for a lower price within the eligible time period applicable on your Mastercard, you may be eligible for the price difference
  • You will need to provide your original itemized store receipts, card statement record of purchase and a copy of advertisement showing the lower price found.
  • Please file your claim as soon as you find any advertised lower prices on items purchased.
  • You will need the following information to file your claim.
    • Details about the purchased item.
    • Details about the advertised price difference.

*Coverage is subject to the program terms and conditions per your eligible card product.

Get Started


Good to Know

  • Once we receive all the documents required, we will review your claim.
  • You can check the status of your claim at any time by logging onto:
  • Once your claim is approved, we will communicate the reimbursement amount based on the terms and conditions of the program for your particular Mastercard
  • Please refer to the terms and conditions of the program for your particular card product for exclusions.


Coverage is determined by the terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policies applicable to your Card, as specified by the underwriter, and is subject to change with notice. This site does not supplement or replace the Policy and/or Program Terms. 
Submission of a claim does not guarantee coverage or coverage availability.